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Dyon Delon 'Malibu'

Creative & Art Direction, Film Direction

Produced by Farbfilm Studio
Directed by Fabian Weigele
Framed by Anton Beliaev
Colored by Dmitry Litvinov
Sound by Dyon Delon

The visual concept for Dyon's 'Malibu' performance music video epitomizes an innovative approach. Crafting a narrative that merges performance artistry and a powerful visual language in a single uninterrupted take, was the goal. To prioritize the performance, we intentionally minimized distractions by keeping the surroundings simple. Additionally, we introduced a recurring motif from his EP - the Porsche 993 - as a central element in the visuals

To make the one-take video visually interesting, we decided to break the norm. In ordinary videos, the camera usually revolves around the subject. However, for this particular video, we've chosen to reverse this norm.

The video takes place at exactly one location where the camera is placed at a fixed position throughout the video. Therefore, the entire video revolves around the camera, where we see Dyon performing in different scenarios, seamlessly following his movements.



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