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Fabian Weigele is a Berlin based writer and director. His passion lies in creating vibrant narratives through exploring and developing his never ending source of creativity.

Born and raised in South Germany, he started out by creating snowboard videos with his close friends group at the age of 13. Ever since his dedication for creating newness reached great extends and his willingness to experience new adventures became an everlasting drive.

Fabians youthful and adventurous approach to filmmaking allows for the creation of expressive cinematic images while highlighting details of the Zeitgeist. Each creation is a true deep dive into the core of each topic paying close attention to background stories next to the main plot.

Additionally he sees great importance in creating audiovisual harmony to intensive the emotional response to his work and emphasizing the importance of the viewers sensational response on all possible levels. 



Fabian Weigele

+49 176 29402732

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